An unsophisticated forecaster uses statistics as a drunken

man uses lamp posts - for support rather than for illumination.

Andrew Lang 


Data Collection Techniques

surveyillume - Our proprietary hybrid research approach that blends online surveys with qualitative one-on-one interviews.


During an online survey, a respondent may be "flagged" for illumination. These respondents are asked to participate in an in-depth interview (IDI).  Upon agreeing to participate, an online chat window will pop up on their computer.  At this time they are given the opportunity to complete the IDI via either an online chat or a telephone discussion with one of our qualitative specialists (a.k.a. an illume).  There are several benefits to the telephone discussion method.


Online chat:


  • Provides complete anonymity as the respondent carries on an online chat with a highly trained illume.


  • Transcripts are provided from each chat session.


Telephone discussion:


  • Allows for fluid conversation, a back-and-forth dialogue between respondent and illume. The illume is able to listen to certain voice patterns (excitement, passiveness, pauses, etc.), which may lead to segue questions that help uncover additional information not obtainable via a typed chat.
  • Both respondent and illume alike are able to concentrate on the discussion instead of typing (or worrying about typographical and grammatical errors).
  • Telephone discussions can be recorded.  Transcriptions are made from the recordings and sound cuts can be extracted for presentation.
  • The telephone conversation method is much faster to complete than the typed chat method.  A typical 5 minute telephone conversation will take approximately 15 minutes to complete with the typed chat method.


Both methods produce revealing answers that help paint a more colorful, detailed picture of the research data.




focusillume - We also conduct online focus groups.  Up to 10 participants can participate in and online group discussion.  Audio and video can be incorporate into the groups, in addition to real-time videos of each participant.





Market research.  Clearly put.


Data Analysis Techniques

dataillume - We utilize various multivariate analysis techniques to reveal the true answers buried in the research data.


Conjoint techniques:


  • Adaptive choice-based conjoint (ACBC)
  • Adaptive conjoint analysis (ACA)
  • Choice-based conjoint (CBC)
  • MaxDiff


Conjoint designs are incredibly powerful as the mimic the decision process consumers make in the marketplace when presented with alternatives.  The consumer is able to choose the offering they prefer most.  These designs can be fixed (CBC) or adapted to prior answers given in the conjoint exercise (ACBC / ACA).


These analysis techniques are ideal for determining:


  • What product / service features are most desired by customers
  • Brand equity
  • Optimal pricing and price elasticity
  • Product preference
  • Feature values
  • Consumer market segmentation
  • Attribute importance




textillume - Our surveyillume process generates vast amounts of qualitative data.  We run this data through various text analysis and neuro-network processes revealing key ideas that cannot normally be shown with traditional coding and tabs.




imageillume - We have developed a system in which images are used to describe attributes, emotions and traits associated with products and services.  Respondents are shown stimuli during an online survey, then are asked to select from a set of images the image they feel best represents the survey question.  These exercises allow us to conduct analysis and reporting that give a visual representation of research results. 


Ideal for ad testing, concept testing and new product design.